Saturday, January 17, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lady Knights all day everyday

When I'm not drawing anything else, I am probably drawing Lady Knights. 

P.S. I'll get some better, not-cell-phone-pics images onto this blog at some point but I haven't been posting a lot here and I thought that hey, cell phone pics are better than nothing! I am alive and drawing!! If anyone's interested in seeing all the little things I post, I'm more active on my Instagram (@alioxinfri) and my Twitter (@Sprickles)! 

Over the Garden Wall Fan Art

Over the Garden Wall was such a charming show, you should watch it if you haven't already. 

Linaria, the Poncho Witch

A few months ago I drew this doodle to test out some new markers I bought. A cute witch in a riding poncho. She became my go-to doodle character. The more I drew her and bought about her, the more she developed a personality. As her personality changed, I felt the need to try out different styles for her. I've done a lot of doodles of this Poncho Witch and she finally has a name, or at least a first name: Linaria! I am really bad at naming things so I'm glad I finally have something else to call her besides "Poncho Witch" though I'm not totally abandoning that title. 

Anyways, here are some of my sketches of Linaria (Lin for short)

I played around with lots of different looks and I'm sure she'll continue to evolve a bit, but I think below is the design I like the best.

As I drew her, a story started playing out in my head and I hope I can develop that story into a webcomic. It will be an interesting challenge for me and I dunno, maybe some other people will enjoy it as well. 

Linaria, the Poncho Witch. :)