Sunday, October 20, 2013

Group Film stuff part 2

A poster design concept for our film "Chital"
From here on out all group film stuff will be labeled "Chital" since that's the working title for our film.  Or maybe "Stag and Doe productions" since that's our production name. I designed our logo.
Stag and Doe Productions, fantastic logo.

Pitch Package is handed in and it looks pretty great. We ended up having a lot of stuff so it was hard to pick which concept pieces to put in but I guess that's a pretty great problem to have.  But our visual development stage is far from over so I doodled a BG idea for our film.  I'm not really a layout person so I just did something simple and mostly focused on colour theory (and just generally played around in photoshop).  I'm always embarrassed by my mediocre layouts and had doing them/sharing them... but you can't improve if you don't keep trying. Right?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Group Film stuff part1.

3rd year well under way.  Group film stuff going pretty good, in my opinion. We're in major development stage now. 
Sketches of our heroine, who may or may not be called Pavarti (I call her Pav).

One of our very talented group mates did a unified character sketch based on our multiple designs (to help the boards look more unified) and I felt like giving version01_Pav a try:

I'm planning on adding colour when I get a chance. Now I'm off to my last shift in a minimum wage position... hopefully forever.